Zoom Essential Apps Announcement

Zoom Essential Apps Announcement

If you're a Zoom user, you might be familiar with their app store. Zoom Video Communications, Inc. launched their app store just last year as a way to give users access to third party apps that integrate directly into your meetings.

Sesh was a Zoom Apps Launch Partner, and we built a custom Sesh app to work right alongside Zoom meetings. We've been really lucky to work with Zoom and have seen a ton of success from people using our visual meeting agenda to run their meetings on their Zoom calls.

Essential Apps Bundle

We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Zoom again, and Sesh will be offered as part of Zoom's new Essential App Bundle.

What does that mean? It means that if you're on a paid Zoom plan (Zoom One Pro, Zoom One Business or Zoom One Business Plus), then we're offering our Sesh Pro Plan to you for free for an entire year!

Zoom built out this bundle of their favorite apps to help your meetings run even better. With this collection of apps, you can make your meetings more productive, organized, collaborative, and fun!

Apps Included

We are excited to be partnering alongside so many esteemed companies in this offering. We've been using some of these apps ourselves to supplement our meetings, and they are slick!

Here are all of the apps that are included in this pack. They will also be offering their apps for free to paying Zoom users for the full year!

Productivity and Collaboration

Sesh (us!): Keep your meetings on track with a visual agenda

Coda: Set agendas, take notes, review work, all in one doc, and design more collaborative meetings

Prezi: Bring visuals on screen with you in real time to keep virtual meetings and presentations engaging, productive, and interactive

Read: By applying AI and analytics to Zoom, Read is able to analyze, prescribe, and prevent bad meetings

Team Activities & Workshops

Funtivity: Connect & network with each other through activities

twine: Speed networking & advanced Breakout Rooms

Embark: Red carpet welcome for your new hires

Welo: Create an engaging experience for meeting participants and session leaders by leveling up Zoom Breakout Rooms

Sales & Customer Relationships

Warmly: Close deals faster with a virtual Nametag

Gondola: Improve your customer relationships and turn every meeting into a repeatable win

Get Started

If you're already a paying Zoom users, then once you update your app you'll see a cute little dock with all the apps (including Sesh) right in your Zoom.

When you click on an app, it will ask you to install and authorize the app if you haven't already, then you can get started right away.

If you're new to using Sesh, check out our guide here to get started once you install it!