10 Zoom backgrounds to up your WFH game

You know that saying - change your environment to change your life? Instantly change the mood with one of these fun backgrounds.

10 Zoom backgrounds to up your WFH game

Remote work has hit an all time high, and according to Forbes, it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. So over the years, we've gotten creative – happy hours, team building games, water cooler chats, and birthday celebrations definitely don't look the same anymore. We've installed Donut in our Slack channels, found our way out of remote escape rooms, and taken screenshot-team-selfies.

At Sesh, we're always looking for creative ways to connect and make our meetings more fun, and one great way to do that is to change up your scenery.

So, here are some fun background ideas for your next video call.

Serenity now!

Did you look at your calendar on Monday and immediately want to throw your laptop into the ocean?

You might have a lot to take on, which means that creating a sense of zen wherever possible can't hurt. So light a candle, make some tea, stop arguing with that one guy on Twitter, and try out these backgrounds:

Photo by Inside Weather on Unsplash

Stay cool 😎

When you find yourself talking about the brutal heat wave at every meeting, and needing to schedule your work day around your brain literally melting by 4pm, transport yourself to some glaciers or snow-capped mountains to take the edge off:

Photo by Ruth Troughton on Unsplash
Photo by Sophia Simoes on Unsplash

Spark inspiration

Have a design review, brand meeting, or creative brainstorming meeting coming up? If you're wondering how to encourage creative thinking, the first way is to change your environment. We can't guarantee that these surrealistic spaces will help you find the perfect brand colors or typeface, but they'll certainly help to get you thinking out of the box.


Wish you were here

We all imagined that working from home would mean gallivanting around the world, and taking work calls from tropical beaches. But let's be honest, most of the time we're commuting for bed to the living room (it's a wonder we even change out of sweatpants), and considering writing off our dishwashers as a work expense.

If you find yourself daydreaming about the perfect #nomadlife, the first step is visualizing your goals:

Photo by Alexander Kaunas on Unsplash

Landlord-approved color

Your $5000 downtown studio apartment may have come with chic white walls, but that doesn't mean you can't (pretend to) have some fun. Use these photos to brighten things up - without forfeiting your security deposit.


Have fun with it!

You know that saying - change your environment to change your life? We recognize that you can't easily change your entire office (unless you're one of those people with the unique ability to focus in busy coffee shops), but you can instantly change the mood with one of these fun backgrounds.

If you try this, tag us @getsesh so we can see what you came up with.